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Tschuss Germany!

Right, firstly a couple of observations from our time with Miriam and Marc that we forgot to include earlier. During the journey through hell fire etc to get to their house  (still no exaggeration!) we passed a house that had witch-type broomsticks sticking in the ground upright with a 30 on each of them – […]

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“Moin Moin”

Myself and Nigel are getting with the lingo in the Lower Saxony region of Germany. “Moin Moin” is the general greeting for hello, which we have been using to excess..greeting every pedestrian and cyclist we meet just to feel like we blend right in…! Anyway, after 7 hours of constant rain on Friday 13th, we […]

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Planning ahead

First of all, thanks to everyone who has messaged us, commented on the blog, emailed etc.  As internet is a bit sporadic we haven’t been able to respond to them all, but we love getting them and read them all, so keep them coming please! We have been averaging 60-70km per day so far and […]

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Wilkommen in Deutschland

After 12 consecutive days of cycling we have successfully made our way to our friends Miriam and Marc’s (along with kiddies Niamh and Connor) house to the north of Bremen.  More on our visit here in a later blog. As we said, we crossed the border into Germany and the winds didn’t let up, in […]

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Carry on Camping…

So we are now 5 days into our camping experience and I am starting to feel like a professional!  Mind you it is hard work – 60km on a bike and then get to destination to offload all our stuff, get set up, showered, something to eat, go to bed, get up in the morning, […]

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