A Date with the Dyke (Dijk)

8 April 2018

Our first morning getting up after camping was not our finest – stuff lost, missing, found, lost again, etc, etc! We’re not used to it yet and we realise that it’ll get slicker as we get to do it more, but we definitely made it look very difficult.  The upshot of this was that we didn’t even leave the camp site until 11 – but we still managed to have bacon butties for breakfast.

On the road and there was an initial GPS faff which was more operator (Nigel) finger trouble and not understanding the equipment than machine fault.  Set off for Den Oever at the south western end of the dyke that we had a date with.  The fairly featureless farming scenery around that area is pretty uninspiring and we didn’t stop until we got to Den Oever when we had lunch in the Dutch equivalent of a greasy spoon, though the food was actually pretty good.

As I have mentioned before, Martina and I have cycled the sea wall before and the weather on that first occasion was horrendous with a 30mph head wind, lashing rain and to top it off a thunder storm.  So, it had been with some trepidation that we had decided to take the same route and the wall (or dyke) in question was just before us! Luckily for us the weather this time was much better, only a slight headwind and sunshine, however, we both agreed that this was the last time for us to do this. It is flat, featureless and boring. Not much more to say than that!


At the other end we stopped just short of Zurich to see what we wanted to do next and decided that a camp site for the night was in order.  The GPS has a search funtion which we decided to use and it threw up a load of local camp sites and we picked one which turned out to be pretty good.  We’ve found that the  GPS can be used to search for other things such as grocery stores, especially ones with beer in them!

So, we got settled in at our camp site in Witmarsum.  We have brought stuff to do in the evenings, but to be honest so far by the time 9.30 comes around it’s time for bed, and neither of us has needed any rocking to get off! Perhaps it was the late(ish) nights at Simone’s and Annemarie’s that have left us like this??!

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