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London – Practice Packing

Had a bit of a night out with Trent last night and Martina stayed in with Dina and ‘bubbles’ and so today wasn’t our finest!  However, we did manage to have a practice pack this afternoon and successfully got all our stuff into our panniers which is a bit of a bonus!

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London – Bangladesh Consulate

So, with our passports back we decided to go to the Bangladesh embassy to see if we could get a visa for late March 19 when we plan to cross the border from India.  We’d been there a couple of times and this time had all the documentation only to find that they’d have to […]

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London – An Update on Our Departure

No delay, we’re back on for a Monday 2 April departure!  The India consulate visa application centre texted us today to say that our visas had been processed.  We called them and told them to hold the courier as we could pick them up easily.  We had intended to have them sent to our friend […]

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London – The Latest on Our Departure

Have a look at the post on visas – the application process for the India visa application means that we are currently passport-less.  This means that I can’t even get into Europe! Martina does still have her Irish one, but that doesn’t really help us.  The India application centre have said that it takes 3-5 […]

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London Bike Prep

Managed to actually have a look at our bikes yesterday – with all the focus on admin they have been neglected somewhat.  The weather was good so we took them outside into the back garden and gave them a once over, tightened all the bolts, screws etc and adjusted the brakes on Martina’s bike. We […]

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London – Visa Bureaucracy

I had done a bit of research into visas but I hadn’t put too much thought into it as it’s not until we get leave Europe that we will need visas.  We could start to look at them in the middle of the year in Europe.  We plan to miss out Iran and fly to […]

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