European Route (April – Dec 2018)

Our European route took us from London to Istanbul over a period of 8 months. (April to Dec 2018).  As our overall objective of this trip is to see the world and learn more about different people and cultures our route was never intended to be a direct one – and it wasn’t….

We cycled from from London to Harwich and then took a ferry to the Netherlands, cycling through Northern Germany and Denmark before taking another ferry to Stavanger in Norway.  We then cycled southern Norway and Sweden, then took a ferry from Stockholm to Gdańsk in Poland before meandering our way through Eastern Europe, Greece and a tiny piece of a Turkey on our way to Istanbul.

In total we covered 12,000 puncture-free kilometre and cycled 17 countries, and what an amazing experience we had – as well as learning a lot about ourselves and European people and their cultures in the process!

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