The Subcontinent

Our time in India and Bangladesh was a particularly challenging part of our trip – mainly because of the culturural differences, which were hugely apparent from the minute we landed in Delhi on a flight from Istanbul.

India was always going to be a big part of our journey – because of its size as much as anything  ekse.  And because of its diversity, we wanted to spend a good proportion of our time there to properly experience the country rather than just visiting tourist spots, so we had a total of 4 months there. Interestingly many Indians suggested we avoid the central part of the country because there was “nothing interesting to see there”….we ignored them and it turned out to be one of our favourite parts.  We had the best and most enjoyable people interactions in small villages and tribal areas there…as well as seeing tigers in the wild of course!

Bangladesh was a complete revelation and is one of our favourite countries to date -mainly because of the people – but the scenery and cycling was pretty good as well.

And then north-east India….the states of Tripura and Mizoram. Another fantastic experience and completely different from central India….the people, the food, the interactions all made it feel like a completely different country to the one we had visited before Bangladesh

Our highs in the subcontinent were very high and the lows were very low but we both agree that the whole experience was life-changing and prepared us well for the rest of our journey.  Definitely not the for the faint-hearted but highly recommended!



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