Planning ahead

15 April 2018

First of all, thanks to everyone who has messaged us, commented on the blog, emailed etc.  As internet is a bit sporadic we haven’t been able to respond to them all, but we love getting them and read them all, so keep them coming please!

We have been averaging 60-70km per day so far and that has been mainly into wind.  So, we now have a better idea of where we might be and when in the future (8 weeks time). Here’s a bit of forward planning for the next few weeks/months:

Looking some months into the future, we want to be in Poland by about mid-June at the latest and then south into Eastern Europe and to Turkey by mid-Oct/Nov.

To get to Poland by June,  the original plan had been to cycle to the northern tip of Denmark at Hirtshals and take the ferry to Stavanger in Norway.  After that to cycle to Oslo, into Sweden, cross country to Stockholm then take another ferry to Gdańsk, Poland.

Using our current averages it looks like we can make Poland by early June.

We are still flexible so if we don’t make good headway we may leave out Norway and travel to Copenhagen or Gothenburg and then into Sweden and onwards. There is also an option to take the train from Oslo (or somewhere between) to Stockholm. We want to be able to stop and look at places and not just travel all the time, so we need to give us some time to relax as well. Should we decide to miss Norway out it will still be there for a future ride.

We haven’t made a final decision just yet, but will update as and when we do – plan A still to go to Stavanger etc, plan B, C and D involves a combination of the above options.

Scandinavia is new to us so if anyone has suggestions of places to go, cycle routes, contacts in the country, please let us know.  All help greatly appreciated!

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