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About our equipment so far…

This piece is for anyone interested in the equipment we are carrying and the bikes we are carrying it all on. Now that we have been on the road for 7.5 months we have a better idea of what we have brought. We have used nearly everything that we have with us and luckily most of […]

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Our climb up the final hill had taken us into the base of the low clouds, so we couldn’t really see much when we arrived in the small village of Ruda. It looked much like the many other small villages that we have passed through over the past few days. As it turn out however, […]

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Kielce is worth a visit – as well as being an “agri” tourist!

So, the dodgy geezers didn’t appear overnight.  However a tractor passed our tent at about 5:30am – not once, but three times- just to make sure that we were awake! It’s amazing, we couldn’t imagine that anyone would come past us as we were 100m up a forest track, out of sight of the road […]

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Wilkommen in Deutschland

After 12 consecutive days of cycling we have successfully made our way to our friends Miriam and Marc’s (along with kiddies Niamh and Connor) house to the north of Bremen.  More on our visit here in a later blog. As we said, we crossed the border into Germany and the winds didn’t let up, in […]

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London Bike Prep

Managed to actually have a look at our bikes yesterday – with all the focus on admin they have been neglected somewhat.  The weather was good so we took them outside into the back garden and gave them a once over, tightened all the bolts, screws etc and adjusted the brakes on Martina’s bike. We […]

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London – kit-gathering

The kit-gathering part of our preparations is slowly building momentum.  Billy our postman is being kept busy with our daily deliveries of goodies for the trip.  Nigel is adamant that everything will fit on 2 bikes…I on the other hand am starting to wonder if we will need a support van to accompany us on […]

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