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An improved plan for South-East Asia and Australasia

Blimey, how time flies! The last time we stuck a wet finger in the air to predict where we might be in the future was way back before we had even entered Bangladesh! A lot has happened since and now seems a good time to update our plan for the near and extended future. All […]

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A rough plan for South-East Asia and Australasia

A rough plan for South-East Asia and Australasia ….which effectively is the remainder of our trip! The following is a guesstimate of our route over the next year.  As ever, it is set in jelly and likely to change on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis! – Stay in Bangladesh until approximately 10 April ‘19 depending […]

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A rough plan for next few months

So a rough plan for the next few months: As mentioned we are heading to a tiger safari, which is at the end of February. After that we have a straight run to the Bangladesh border – probably with a day or two off somewhere if progress is good. We hope to finish this period […]

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Our plan for the sub-continent…

This blog gives a brief overview of our plan for the sub-continent, but with the caveat that it is unlikely to be particularly accurate at this stage because we have no idea how long things will take in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar (not really the sub-continent, but contained in this section for planning purposes). We […]

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Planning for South East Europe

We have just had a forward planning meeting and here’s what has been loosely decided… Croatia – we’re still planning to spend about 2 weeks in Croatia.  Our research has shown that most of the ‘things to do’ are along the coast, about 500km from our current location. This would mean that to be here […]

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Our plan for southeastern Europe

We did some planning on the ferry from Sweden to Poland and I have just had a look to see how closely we have been to that plan – and it goes something like this: The plan was to spend 17 days cycling in Poland and have a few days off – actually did 20 days […]

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