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A Bonus Blog

21 June 23 – Buncrana to Moville – 89km Well we couldn’t sit still for too long, so after a break of a week we decided to take the bikes out again and ‘finish’ our journey properly by going all the way up to Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point, and around the Inishowen peninsula. […]

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North Mayo and Beyond

2 May 23 – Westport to An Ceann Ramhar – 82km We had a reasonably slow get-up, packed the bikes and said goodbye to Westport. Really enjoyed our stay here and it’s definitely somewhere that we will come back to in the future and would recommend as a place to visit. The first couple of […]

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Joyous Cycling!

So it’s probably worth saying something about our planning process so far. As we have found in the past, our plans never survive past the first few hours and this trip is no exception. Initially, when we arrived in Rosslare, we’d planned to go to Cork, but the accommodation in the city proved, at first, […]

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Cead Mile Failte

Firstly, something we missed out of the last report. In the last campsite in Wales, we met a guy called Will who was pedalling around the coast of the U.K. for charity.  Not that unusual apparently. However, Will was cycling a Brompton folding commuter bike and pulling a trailer, which to me is hard as […]

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Wet Wet Wet

6 May 23 – Hungerford to Trowbridge – 64km We’ve actually got into the swing of things pretty quickly and we are remembering who did what and when from the last time we were on the road.  Last night and this morning were good examples where, after dinner, Martina did the blog whilst I made […]

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A Bonus Blog!

We have been back in the U.K. for 5 weeks now and our adoring Lifecyclers fans have been begging us for more…well probably more accurate to say that at least one person has said that they miss our blogs…a little bit : ) So, here’s a quick post about a ride that we did around […]

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