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Our round-up of the Czech Republic

Here is our round up of Czech Republic observations.  Now we have only been here 12 days in total, so we can’t say that it is particularly well-informed. However, we have been through the central part of the Republic and not to the capital, so perhaps this is a better slice of what could be […]

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Czech Republic – almost as stunning as Norway!

Awoke to the sound of a lawnmower at 6.30am – on a Saturday!!  Seriously – who cuts grass at that time at the weekend??! Nothing else for it but an early start and we were genuinely sad to say goodbye to our fantastic little retreat in the hills. Started the day with a lovely downhill […]

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Our climb up the final hill had taken us into the base of the low clouds, so we couldn’t really see much when we arrived in the small village of Ruda. It looked much like the many other small villages that we have passed through over the past few days. As it turn out however, […]

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Passed the 5000km mark in the stunning Czech hills

So after our visit to St Barbara’s cathedral it was home for an afternoon snooze – the luxury of a day off!  Dinner was a wander into town for a pizza and on our return our hosts had left us a basket of fresh apricots from the tree outside our flat – More food for […]

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Them bones, them bones…

So, we both slept for a pretty long time as we didn’t set the alarm for once – in fact Martina almost got a full 12 hours sleep…Goes to show we were fairly tired! On a serious note though, it isn’t simply a physical tiredness issue either, there’s continually a mental process of researching where […]

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“Ahoy” to the Czech Republic

Off early with some trepidation as we planned to cross into the Czech  Republic today. Planning a route that would avoid monster hills and busy roads was quite a challenge – but as always Master Navigator Birdsall did a fantastic job and we were mostly on quiet roads, which were quite hilly, but very manageable. […]

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