Tak (thank you) Denmark!

29 April 2018

So after 9 days in Denmark, here are our main take-aways:

1.  The Danish are the most patriotic nation we have come across yet…the Dutch had flagpoles but the Danes have flags – everywhere.  Flying proudly in the wind, because it is windy.

2. Supposedly for a nation of bacon, we saw no pigs, in the same way that we didn’t see Fresian cows in Friesland in Holland. But they can’t be mythical creatures because we could smell them everywhere (bad!) and we did see one dead one at the side of a farm road.

3.  Best campsite experiences so far – heated shower floors seem to be standard. And boy do they go to town on their camping comforts …in Sondervig one of our neighbours had potted plants, outside lights (see pic),  a watering can, lawnmower and a roatary clothesline as part of his set up.   And the neighbour on the other side was hoovering her carpet on the inside of her awning on the Sunday when we left…why have carpet in the first place??

4. Food – bread and cakes are fantastic, but their seafood is even better.  We are still talking about it!

5. Cycling – until we got here, we were completely unaware of how good their cycling network is for road and tour cycling. In the same ilk as the Dutch, the drivers are cyclist-aware and make it’s very easy and stress free to cycle through the country.  Highly recommended as a cycling destination to any cyclists out there!

6. Supermarkets sell cold beer…Germany and Holland take note! And most famous exports Carlsberg and Tuborg are definitely their worst beers – they obviously keep the best for themselves.

7. All the houses and gardens are well-maintained and in pristine condition. No tattiness to be seen!

8. Saving the worst to last….they have smoking in bars!  Couldn’t believe it when we found a nice bar in Aalborg, walked in and everyone was puffing away.  God it was like stepping back into the nineties in Ireland and England. Needless to say we didn’t stay.

9.  And finally, some weird and wonderful shop sign that we came across …

– An unfortunate name for an opticians we think!

– and we are not quite sure what this is supposed to be advertising….

So, that’s it from Denmark. And emazing experience and we loved in all.  Norway here we come!

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