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Tak (thank you) Denmark!

So after 9 days in Denmark, here are our main take-aways: 1.  The Danish are the most patriotic nation we have come across yet…the Dutch had flagpoles but the Danes have flags – everywhere.  Flying proudly in the wind, because it is windy. 2. Supposedly for a nation of bacon, we saw no pigs, in […]

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Norway on the Horizon

The road (or bike path as it happens) to the port town of Hirtshals is long and very straight – have a look on a map and you’ll see that nit basically comes out of Aalborg and heads straight as an arrow north to Hirtshals for the best part of 70km. This was always going […]

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Glamping in a sauna, ice hockey, Vikings and herring

Departed base a bit later than our usual starts and had a short ride to our first ferry of the day to take us to the small island of Mors.  We were the only people on the Naessund ferry and the very helpful ferryman spent the 15-minute journey telling us about the island and what […]

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Wetlands, dunes and one of our best days cycling

Well, no one caught us during our ‘rogue’ camping and we woke and sorted out our camp in the same way as we would have done in any other campsite – to be honest at this point if someone had told us to poke off we wouldn’t have minded as we’d already slept there and […]

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Denmark – The Kingdom of bacon and pastries apparently

First time in Denmark for me and crossing the border was a very non-descript experience I have to say.  Mind you, we crossed at a small country road into a National Park – and only passed a small shed-like building, which we only assume was an empty border crossing post.  Through the national park, where […]

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