London – The Latest on Our Departure

28 March 2018

Have a look at the post on visas – the application process for the India visa application means that we are currently passport-less.  This means that I can’t even get into Europe! Martina does still have her Irish one, but that doesn’t really help us.  The India application centre have said that it takes 3-5 working days to process the visa applications and then they’ll send them out.  The upcoming Easter weekend means that the best scenario is that they process them by Thursday this week and at worse by Wednesday next week and then they need time to go through a courier’s system.  If it’s all done this week then we can still depart on our scheduled date of 2 April.  If not then we’ll have to delay until we have them – should only be a few days delay though.  We decided that applying for the India visas was worth a short wait before we start out as this means that we could potentially not have to think about visas until this time next year.

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