London – An Update on Our Departure

28 March 2018

No delay, we’re back on for a Monday 2 April departure!  The India consulate visa application centre texted us today to say that our visas had been processed.  We called them and told them to hold the courier as we could pick them up easily.  We had intended to have them sent to our friend Sue, who is going to wave us off at Harwich, but decided that we could pick them up instead.  Went to collect them and they have granted us the full year, which is great news as there was no guarantee what we would be given (anything from 0 to 12 months).  On the suggestion of the application centre staff we added a letter saying that we wanted to cycle through India at the end of the year (entering in December) and we reckon that did the trick. And now that we have our passports back we can get into Europe and also go to the Bangladesh embassy tomorrow to see if they will also give us a visa now that we have all their paperwork.

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