London Bike Prep

27 March 2018

Managed to actually have a look at our bikes yesterday – with all the focus on admin they have been neglected somewhat.  The weather was good so we took them outside into the back garden and gave them a once over, tightened all the bolts, screws etc and adjusted the brakes on Martina’s bike. We also undid the S and S couplers that hold the frame together – by undoing them we can take our bike’s frames apart.  When I did the bike maintenance course back in October I noticed that the bottom coupler on my bike was slightly ‘gritty’ when I undid it.  I guess that water and grit gets thrown up and some must get in, so we decided to undo, clean and re-grease them and then tape around the joints.  I don’t think this will keep it all out, but it’ll stop most of it and will make undoing them in the future easier.

After we finished with Martina’s we loaded her bike up so that she could have a go on it – the first time she’s been on it fully loaded.  Then left her to it for 15 minutes! Luckily it all went okay!

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