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Last Day in Blighty

Essex you have redeemed yourself! We set off from Holiday Inn Express outside Colchester in sunshine and took quiet-ish roads the whole way to Harwich. This is what we had hoped for from day 1 – almost perfect cycling weather. (Thank you, Peter Vincent, for your tip on staying off the A120!) A few hills but […]

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The Only Way is Essex!

Fuelled up with hot cross buns and fruit salad for breakfast (thanks Lindsey – who has been pretty amazing considering we only met her for the first time last night!), we packed up the bikes to head for Colchester. Packing the bikes and cycling seemed easier this morning…until we hit the hill at Danbury – […]

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Day 1 – North London to Chelmsford

Didn’t sleep too well to be perfectly honest! Martina stayed up later and slept okay, but neither of us had a full night’s sleep – we put it down to the nerves/excitement! Over the weekend we got rid of the very last of our stuff either at the charity shop or in Dina and Trent’s […]

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And we’re off!

Visas sorted and passports returned, so after a MASSIVE breakfast of bacon butties, eggs, hash browns, laughter and a few tears we are finally ready to go.  A huge thanks for Dina and Trent for putting up with us for the past 2 weeks when we were officially homeless, to Katie and Jo for forming […]

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London – Practice Packing

Had a bit of a night out with Trent last night and Martina stayed in with Dina and ‘bubbles’ and so today wasn’t our finest!  However, we did manage to have a practice pack this afternoon and successfully got all our stuff into our panniers which is a bit of a bonus!

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London – Bangladesh Consulate

So, with our passports back we decided to go to the Bangladesh embassy to see if we could get a visa for late March 19 when we plan to cross the border from India.  We’d been there a couple of times and this time had all the documentation only to find that they’d have to […]

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