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A Bonus Blog!

We have been back in the U.K. for 5 weeks now and our adoring Lifecyclers fans have been begging us for more…well probably more accurate to say that at least one person has said that they miss our blogs…a little bit : ) So, here’s a quick post about a ride that we did around […]

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Statistics to End All Statistics!

The following is one big amalgamation of the different kilometre-related statistics around our journey as well as a bit of information about what went wrong with us and our bikes.  It’s mainly for our own records, but if you would like to know how many bottom brackets we went through then read on….otherwise it’s a […]

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Our Return to the Real World

Our return to the ‘Real World’ was always going to be rather weird, but with all that is going on  at the moment it’s been even stranger than we could have imagined… Friday 20 – Saturday 21 March 20 – Auckland to Singapore – 8,500km (9hrs) and Singapore to London 11,200km (13:40hrs) We said our […]

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Goodbye Aotearoa – Our New Zealand Round-up

Though our time in New Zealand was cut slightly short we were still there for nearly 3 months and in that time cycled 1,917km on the South Island and 1,334km on the North Island. It is an expensive county and for us it was up there with Norway as one of the most expensive countries […]

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Our adventure comes to an end….

As Coronavirus grips the world, although things are still pretty relaxed in New Zealand we have decided to end our trip a few weeks early and get back to the U.K. while we can.  The uncertainty of whether our flights will be operational in a few weeks time or whether the U.K. border will still […]

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Hills That Keep Giving!

Friday 6 March 20 – Waingaro to Ramarama – 86km I mentioned recently that New Zealand is hilly and it was today that I think all the recent hill-climbing caught up with me. It was a lovely clear chilly day when we set out.  There’s definitely a whiff of Autumn in the air now even […]

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