Our plans for our Eastern European leg of the tour

30 May 2018

On our ferry to Poland we made use of our time and put together a rough agenda of the Eastern European leg of our tour. This is just letting you know our plans should you want to come to join us at any stage – obviously it’s subject to change! We are also open to including other destinations, within reasonably geographic distance!
1. Poland in reasonable detail and then other countries in less detail as we get further away in time:
– land in Gdansk and 2 nights there before moving on to Olsztyn – Poland’s Lake District (3 days cycling)
– Łódź – 7 days cycling
– Wroclaw – 4 days cycling
– Krakow – 3 days cycling (via Opole…the Venice of Poland)
Plus some potential time off in Poland for a rest, although we don’t know where yet

2. Czech Republic – to the east of the country. 1 week –  likely in late June

– Ostrava – 3 days cycling

– Brno – 3 days cycling

Other undecided destinations – awaiting recommendations from a friend

3. Austria – couple of days transit only in early July.

– Vienna 1-2 days

4. Slovakia – up to 2weeks in early July depending on progress in previous countries

– follow the Danube from Vienna to Bratislava.  If time permits go east and explore for a bit

5. Hungary – up to 3 weeks including Budapest in mid/late July and early August

6. Serbia – 2 weeks including Belgrade in mid/late August

7. Romania – up to 4 weeks in September to include Bucharest

8. Bulgaria – 3 weeks possibly including Sofia – in early October

9. Turkey – 2 weeks including Istanbul.  Possible train to Ankara for onward flight…..

That’s as much as we have planned for now so if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know. Or if you fancied coming to meet us along the route, email us! We will continue to update our plan as we progress and publish as and when we feel it’s appropriate.

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  1. Comment by Eva Szalay

    Eva Szalay Reply 11 June 2018 at 6:43 pm

    HI guys, keep going, totally loving the updates! How would you like some intros for Budapest? And if you can cycle and extra 100kms you could come and meet us at Lake Balaton, as we will be there for a couple of days in early August 🙂 keep safe and keep blogging! xx

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