Last Day in Blighty

4 April 2018

Essex you have redeemed yourself! We set off from Holiday Inn Express outside Colchester in sunshine and took quiet-ish roads the whole way to Harwich. This is what we had hoped for from day 1 – almost perfect cycling weather. (Thank you, Peter Vincent, for your tip on staying off the A120!) A few hills but the scenery more than made up for that, with lovely views the river Stour. A short cycling day of 20 miles and we had the most friendly reception at our accommodation where they allowed us to drop off our bags at 1130 in our rooms.

Headed into Harwich old town to take in the sights on empty bikes – which felt weird to cycle. So after 3 days, it shows how quickly we have adapted to the heavy load. And although we are both a bit tired, our legs and backsides are actually OK! Speaking of backsides….I found another pair of gloves today in my hi-vis jacket which I hadn’t worn until now…so my pants to gloves ratio is now in favour of gloves. Hopefully that’s me sorted for Scandinavia 😀

At ha’penny pier we had some lovely fresh crab sandwiches – fresh from Cromer up the coast.

Now having a beer waiting for Sue and Phil to pick us up for dinner who have travelled from Devon to wave us off on the ferry.

Something that Nigel remembered from day one – whilst skirting Epping forest on our way out of London there was a sign attached to a tree in the forest which said ‘Lost Tortoise’, which made us wonder: a. who lets a tortoise out in the forest and b. how it managed to be so fast that they managed to lose it?!


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