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Dakujem (thank you) Slovakia!

First and foremost we had an unexpectedly great time in Slovakia. Why was it unexpected? I think that our expectations were somewhat similar to what we had expected of Poland and the Czech Republic, i.e. not very high. This first point follows a similar theme to those other two countries, in that, once again we […]

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Who knew that carbonated water can come straight from the ground?

Our journey today started by backtracking on Route 66 as far as Telgart, but to be honest, even with the massive hills, we didn’t mind too much because the scenery is so spectacular.  And it meant we got to see what we felt we missed on Sunday when we were bombing along to beat the storm. […]

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Just another day in (Slovak) paradise…

The Slovak Paradise is a mountainous National Park to the east of the Low Tatra Mountains. Rather surprisingly it doesn’t appear in the list of the 12 best things to do in Slovakia when you Google what to do in the country; this generally lists the cities and towns to visit. But what this means, […]

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Getting our kicks on (Slovakia’s) Route 66

So after a fantastic breakfast with the Mazanec family we headed off towards the hills. Despite only having met them 36 hours ago we were quite sad to leave, but all good things must come to an end – and they had given us plenty of advice and recommendations on places to visit for the […]

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From rain showers to the most amazing Warm Showers experience

Today we decided that we’d have a sort of half day of cycling and get to a place called Martin, just the other side of the Mala Fatra mountains. We planned to have a look around the town, which is the centre of Slovakian folk culture and visit the museum there that we thought looked […]

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Slovakia – a country of castles and tasty wine

We departed Bratislava early Sunday morning, with the usual feeling of apprehension that we get when starting off in a new country.  Waking up thinking “we have no idea where we will sleep tonight”can be equally exciting and nerve-wrecking, but it does give us the freedom to decide our day as it develops, which we […]

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