Our European trip statistics

26 November 2018

If you Google the distance from London to Istanbul it comes up with 3,950-odd km, so how did it take us over 12,000km?

Here are the statistics in order of the countries we visited:

#1 – England – 153km

#2 – Netherlands – 374km

#3 – Germany – 603km

#4 – Denmark – 493km

#5 – Norway – 1,115km

#6 – Sweden – 570km

# 7 – Poland – 1,475km

#8 – Czech Republic -651km

#9 – Austria – 425km

#10 – Slovakia – 694km

#11 – Hungary – 924km

#12 – Croatia – 610km

#13 – Serbia – 427km

#14 – Romania – 1,019km

#15 – Bulgaria – 1,106km

#16 – Greece – 1,145km

#17 – Turkey – 268km

Total – 12,052km

During our journey so far we have made a few navigational mistakes.  Nearly all of these have been very short-lived and most have been in towns and cities where it all gets a bit confusing for both machine and human! However, we have made two proper errors: one was in Slovakia where we ended up on route 72 instead of staying on route 66 (Slovakia’s Route 66 that is), which cost us 30km and a couple of hours. The second was in the mountains of southern Bulgaria – in this instance we knew where we were, but it was prudent to turn back and take route 198 (see very wiggly line in the picture below), which was actually easier than the route we were on.

This also cost us about 30km, but because of the steep terrain it cost us around 3 hours in time as well as a lot of puffing and panting!


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