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Things we didn’t know about Sweden until we came here

Despite a challenging start to our Swedish adventure, it has been a great week – and we have learned lots of new things about the country and the culture.  Here are a few: 1. It’s the first country country on our trip (at least in Scandinavia)  where we have encountered things being chained down to […]

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Midges, Mozzies & Meatballs – the delights of Sweden

So since day 2 in Sweden we seem to have encountered every midge and mosquito in the country. I know it’s something we will have to get used to on our journey, especially coming into the summer, but Sweden seems to have decided that it should be the country to toughen me up for mozzie […]

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All Roads lead to the E18!

So, for a country of this sort of size and small population you’d think that navigating the road system in Sweden would be pretty easy. Now let me tell you…. If you throw into the mix that you are cycling and don’t want to use any major roads because of the heavy and often dangerous […]

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Next stop Sweden – or is it? …..

We left a very quiet Oslo on Friday morning as everyone was probably sleeping off their hangovers and headed south out of the city. Had an easy enough exit from the city and were soon on our way…along a fairly busy E18 road, but thankfully on a cycle path for a lot of it. The […]

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