Below is a couple of videos explaining the new workflow – as always let me know the new country and I will add trip and nav as well as tidying up the previous one

Trip map adding countries

  1. In addition to that for each new country,
    a new trip has to be created and set up with the same settings, places added this time only the city name(no country).
  2. The new trip (country added to navigation)
  3. The posts created will be connected to the country maps as opposed to the On the Road 2018 Trip
  4. Alternate places then need to revisited and changes made under the background tab(bottom one) to add image and colour overlay to improve the look of the country page.

Adding additional countries navigation

  1. go to appearance/menus
  2. change trip blog and primary nav and mobile nav by adding recent trip
  3. save when completed
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