November 2019


More than half-way across Australia

Saturday 23 November. Ceduna to Perlubie Beach. 99km. It was COLD when we left Ceduna in the early hours of Saturday morning – feeling suitably refreshed after our day off. To give ourselves a change of scenery from the Eyre Highway we were heading towards the coast to a beach campsite that we had read […]

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Crossing the Nullarbor Desert – Part 3

A few people have commented that cycling across a desert must be boring – in fact a slang name for the Nullarbor is the ‘Nullarboring’, but we’re not too sure where this comes from as we have found it to be very interesting. Perhaps it is the speed at which we are travelling? In a motorised […]

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Crossing the Nullarbor Desert – Part 2

Thursday 14 November 2019.  Mundrabilla to Eucla. 65km. Mornings are really cold at the moment, especially when it’s windy. Then it heats up a bit mid-morning, and by lunchtime it’s generally boiling – so we have to dress in layers and peel them off as the day goes on.  It then gets cold in the […]

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Crossing the Nullarbor Desert – Part 1

Friday 8 November 19 – Norseman to Fraser Range – 104km We’ve written about functional cycling before, which is when we have to get from A to B for whatever reason. Now we are in functional cycling mode because of the distances, and it’s quite lucky that there aren’t a load of things to see […]

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Into the Great Wide Open

So far on our trip we have cycled an average of 1,500km a month. But Australia has completely blown that average out of the water……in our first 2 weeks out of Perth we covered around 1,300km.  We now come out with statements like “we only have 100km to do today”, which used to seem like […]

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A bout of wind!

Wednesday 30 October 19 – Albany to Wellstead – 99km We said our goodbyes to Jen, George and Frida and left the comfort blanket of our final WarmShowers hosts… There doesn’t appear to be any WarmShowers hosts from here to Adelaide, so we’re on our own! What a fabulous introduction to Australia we have had […]

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