April 2019


From Bangladesh to Myanmar through North-East India (Tripura and Mizoram) by bike

Notes for other cyclists travelling between Bangladesh and Myanmar through Tripura and Mizoram states in North-East India. We cycled between Agartala (on the eastern Bangladesh/Tripura State Indian border) to Kale (pronounced Kalay and also known as Tahan) in western Myanmar in April 2019. This time of year is very hot in this region and the […]

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A (rather long!) round-up of North-East India

We have always said that certain parts of our trip will be more memorable than others.  And we both feel that the 2 weeks we have spent in the North-East of India will be one of these more memorable parts….the people, the landscape, the whole experience. Our time here has taught us how this part of […]

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Over the hills and far away…

(Easter) Monday 22 April. Aizawl to Seling. 37km.  Having washed and aired EVERYTHING in our bags over the weekend we set out as clean this Easter Monday morning as we did leaving London on Easter Monday 2018! We departed at 6am with some trepidation about the journey ahead – the heat, the hills, state of […]

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A little slice of ‘normality’

Wednesday 17 April 19. So, we made it to Aizawl a bit sooner than we had expected but that sort of worked in our favour. As Easter weekend was coming up and this is a really very staunch Christian region, from Friday onwards a lot of shops, government departments, etc would be on shorter working […]

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Jesus saves…but so does Elvis!

Agartala to Ambassa. Saturday 13 April. 86 hot, sweaty and bloody hard kilometres! While the Brexit shenanigans rage on in the U.K., the political focus in India is their parliamentary election, which is by far the world’s biggest democratic election.  With 900 million eligible voters, it’s 4 times the size of the US election and […]

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Bangladesh – a wonderful revelation! And our round-up…

Of all the countries we have visited so far Bangladesh has by far been the most surprising. Though we had little evidence of what the county or its people would be like, our pre-visit impression was that it would be a means-to-an-end to get new Indian visas, a country we would “endure” rather than “enjoy” […]

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