March 2019


A week in Dhaka

We arrived in our 12th capital city of our tour, Dhaka, on Friday 22nd March into Sadarghat port.   This is normally one of the city’s busiest areass but because it was around 7am on a Friday, which is the start of their weekend and a day of prayer for the mainly Muslin population, it […]

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A rough plan for South-East Asia and Australasia

A rough plan for South-East Asia and Australasia ….which effectively is the remainder of our trip! The following is a guesstimate of our route over the next year.  As ever, it is set in jelly and likely to change on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis! – Stay in Bangladesh until approximately 10 April ‘19 depending […]

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Across the border to Bangladesh

Monday 18 March. Bongaon to  Jessore (Bangladesh). 46km. For some reason I’d expected the border between India and Bangladesh to be wide open fields, but in reality it’s surrounded by trees. We were crossing at Petrapole (on the Indian side) and Benapole (on the Bangladesh side), which is the main land border between the two […]

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Incredible India….a round-up of our experience

We spent a total of 107 days in India, of which we were on the road for 74 of those days, covering 5,773km and averaging 78km per day. When we were planning this trip India was definitely where we thought our adventure would really begin – and we were right.  To a certain extent we […]

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Cuttack to Bangladesh

Cuttack to Bhadrak. 10 March.  103km.   We were on the road by 7am, feeling guilty for having had to wake Bapu up to say good bye, but we had a big day to cover and wanted to be on the road early – and as has been the case recently we were already sweating […]

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Sambalpur to Cuttack

Sambalpur to Redhakhol – 75km As we have already mentioned, we are on our way to the Bangladesh border, so our cycling over the next week-or-so is very much functional; we’re not planning to stop to sightsee unless it happens by accident! One thing we have noticed recently as we have transited east is that […]

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