December 2018


Delhi – our first impressions of India…

Though we haven’t been to India before we thought that we had a fair idea of what it might be like from seeing it on television as there have been a lot of programmes about it recently in the UK.  While this is a starting point, it doesn’t in any way prepare you for the […]

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Being tourists in Delhi….

When we leave Delhi on Saturday we will have been here for a week and rather than detailing exactly what we did we have put together a quick précis which really just a picture gallery! There is just so much going on here  (population-wise it’s at least the size of Istanbul).  We booked a driver, […]

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Leaving Istanbul and arriving in Dehli – wow!

Our original plan for this trip was to fly from Istanbul to Pakistan.  However by the time we had realised that we could only apply for a tourist visa from our home country (as opposed to doing it from the consulate in Istanbul for example) it was too late to give our passports up for […]

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Our plan for the sub-continent…

This blog gives a brief overview of our plan for the sub-continent, but with the caveat that it is unlikely to be particularly accurate at this stage because we have no idea how long things will take in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar (not really the sub-continent, but contained in this section for planning purposes). We […]

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A round-up of our time in Europe

We have seen and experienced 17 countries on our travels so far, which has been educational, eye-opening and just absolutely brilliant. However of everything we have seen and done it has been the people that have made the trip for us, and we have been very lucky to meet some amazing people and make some […]

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