November 2018


Rocking the cycling monk look!

We really did have a lovely relaxing time in Kavala, so feeling refreshed we were up and out a bit earlier than normal on Wednesday morning to start our ride East. Our plan is to get a few big(ish) days in so that when the time comes we can hopefully take our time getting into […]

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Weird vibes …and then onto our best Greek destination

So after five tough days on the road we set out from our indoor accommodation (which felt positively luxurious!) hoping for a couple of easier days on the road as we made our way to Kavala.  Mileage-wise we planned 2 relatively short days to get there and expected the terrain to be easier, but you […]

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Halkidiki, not just olives you know…

The initial journey out of Thessaloniki was rather chaotic; some of the roads were pretty busy as it was Tuesday morning and some of the main roads had cars double parked, some pulling out, others pulling in, etc. etc. So we had to be on the ball for random cars appearing from all directions for […]

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

We haven’t seen the sea since Gdansk in Poland (31 May), so we are quite excited to head towards Thessaloniki for a few days off by the coast.  It’s over 100km away so we had a choice of taking one full-on day to get there or two smaller more manageable days.  Having just done 12 […]

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It’s a buggy life…

At about six thirty the next morning Martina and I were awake and listening to the buzz of the gazillion mosquitos outside our tent that had come to visit us again. As had happened the previous evening, they were there for about half an hour and while we were thinking that we were going to […]

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