November 2018


Istanbul (not Constantinople) and a Turkey round-up!

So, we got to Istanbul in one piece and then relaxed….we’ll actually it didn’t work out that way! We had a list of things to do here which included visa enquiries, bike maintenance, getting cardboard for transporting our bikes, a load of admin, haircuts, plus a long list of other things. We decided to try […]

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About our equipment so far…

This piece is for anyone interested in the equipment we are carrying and the bikes we are carrying it all on. Now that we have been on the road for 7.5 months we have a better idea of what we have brought. We have used nearly everything that we have with us and luckily most of […]

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Our European trip statistics

If you Google the distance from London to Istanbul it comes up with 3,950-odd km, so how did it take us over 12,000km? Here are the statistics in order of the countries we visited: #1 – England – 153km #2 – Netherlands – 374km #3 – Germany – 603km #4 – Denmark – 493km #5 […]

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Route into Istanbul from Greece: information for other cyclists

Route from Kavala, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey: 14 – 20 November 2018 Out of Kavala we took the Old National Highway, the Blue Route 2 and found it to be reasonably quiet with just a few tough (ish) climbs. Apart from the mountains to the north, the road is a rather dull as far as […]

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Earning our cycling stripes….four MAJOR challenges into Istanbul

We were woken by the ‘call to prayer’ in Kesan on Saturday morning when it was still dark.  We have discovered that it goes from day to night and vice versa like the flick of a switch here, so by the time it was daylight at 8.15 we had the bikes packed and were ready to […]

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Our big fat Greek round-up

After nearly three weeks in Greece, it’s time to move on.  Unfortunately our overall impression of the country hasn’t been that great for 3 main reasons: 1. For such lovely scenery there is rubbish absolutely everywhere which completely spoils it, and in our view is completely unnecesssry as most of it is recyclable.  Not very […]

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