October 2018


It’s warm and (mostly!) sunny in Greece

So we arrived in Greece without a welcome sign and as we came through the border we saw 2 cyclists coming up the hill towards us, so we all stopped to have a chat.  Erik and Irini are a lovely young German couple who have been cycling around Europe for 4.5 months and they had […]

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Bulgaria round-up….a fantastic country for so many reasons…

Firstly, we have both been really taken by Bulgaria and for me personally it’s the county I have liked the most during our journey so far. As a whole taking into account the scenery, accommodation, people, food, things to see and do, value for money, etc we think it’s great! Suffice it to say that […]

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The hardest (and coldest!) route to Greece

In the few days since we left Kresna we have noticed quite a few border police driving around.  We can only assume it’s to patrol the mountain areas for refugees coming across the border from Greece.   So on with our journey, our intentions had been to visit Rila and Melnik and then take the […]

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Run to the hills…

First up this morning was negotiating the six flights of stairs back down to ground level! After this we were nicely warmed up for our cycle south out of Sofia and towards the mountains which can be seen from the city centre. Sofia is almost surrounded by mountains and hills, so we had to go […]

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A four-lane motorway into Sofia….

So after a night of wild camping in the hills 40km east of Sofia, we woke up to ice on the tent…a chilly start! We knew it was cold during the night, but not that cold!! And our camping fuel had just run out after cooking dinner last night, so no tea for us – […]

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Plovdiv…. a tale of three hills

The outskirts of most villages, towns and cities aren’t the best looking bits – this generally goes for the UK as much as with anywhere we have been recently. We have learned that it’s best to wait a while before making any judgement on a place and Plovdiv was a very good case in point. […]

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