September 2018


Carry On Up and Down the Mountains

Someone’s turned the heating down. Just few days ago it was 30 degrees plus and leaving Brashov it barely crept above 10 degrees! The forecast over the next few days is even colder, 3-5 degrees during the days and -2 degrees at night. To be honest neither of us expected it to be quite as cold […]

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Amazing Romania

We are really enjoying Romania, which has a fascinating history as well as beautiful landscape – and the people are really friendly as well. The fact that it seems to be stuck in an eighties time warp actually adds to its charm and makes it more endearing and simple in a really nice way. We […]

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Really rural Romania…

Not your average Monday…it has been a story of different roads in more ways than one! Initially we started out from Buzias on what we thought was going to be a busy road towards Lugoj. Turns out that the traffic wasn’t too bad and only started to become a bit of a pain the nearer […]

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Crossing into Romania….and a whole new time zone

We left Belgrade in warm sunshine and had a relatively easy ride out of the city along a cycle path heading north, until it completely stopped – just like that – a dead end along the side of a busy road…what to do next?? So the next part of our morning was carrying bikes down […]

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Goodbye Belgrade!

So after our extended stay in Belgrade we are finally back on the road again…heading towards Romania. All is well with family in the U.K. so we are excited to get back on the bikes again….we have missed it! “Maybe tomorrow”, our theme tune for travelling has been inspired by Evit and Jan, our Warm […]

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Delayed in Belgrade & our Serbian observations

We decided to hang around in Belgrade for longer than planned as some family news meant that we wanted to be near an international airport in case we had to fly back to the U.K. The delay allowed us to explore Belgrade more, taking time for some proper R n R and also for us […]

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