August 2018


Belgrade…just how we expected a Communist city to look

At times I have to pinch myself to remind myself of what we are doing and arriving in Belgrade was one of those moments. Hard to believe that we have cycled the whole way from London to here! Belgrade or Beograd as it’s known here (which means white city, because of the white stones used […]

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Serbia, first impressions…

So, we made a bit of a navigational error! Well, error is a bit strong, but as we were in Osijek and needed to be in Belgrade for Monday where we had accommodation booked, that left us three days to get there. On paper and on the map that initially looked fine, however… We left […]

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Our Croatian observations

Despite only having been here for 9 days we have still managed to make a fair number of observations on life and the culture in Croatia, which are: 1. People are really friendly with so many cars and trucks beeping (in a friendly way!) and people waving and calling our hello to us on our […]

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More normal life in Croatia

Neither of us slept particular well because of the noise of the motorway, which seemed to go ALL night, so we were back on the road again at 7.45 heading towards Vukovar, on the river Danube on the Serbian border.  The temperatures have gone up again so we have decided on early starts to get […]

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A sobering ride east

Our little apartment in Sesvete, on the outskirts of Zagreb, had served us well, but we were up and out early on our departure morning. In fact we were so early that we’d visited Lidl and escaped the suburbs by 9am! We meandered south along the east bank of the Sava river, which was all […]

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Non-touristy Croatia

Leaving Hungary and crossing into Croatia is the first manned border exit and entry checkpoint we have cycled on our trip. It does seem rather bizarre considering they are both EU member countries and we’ve been through plenty of others where there was absolutely nothing! There was also no sign of the much-publicised anti-migrant fence […]

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