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Asia. Blimey, what a journey!

When we look back at our journey so far we see Northern Europe as our long-distance cycling training ground and once we got into Poland our stabilisers were metaphorically taken off! The rest of Eastern and Southern Europe were consolidation for what was to come… In our minds it was in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar […]

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Marvellous Malaysia – our round-up

We didn’t give much thought to Malaysia before we arrived as it was almost at the end of the Asia leg of our trip and had seemed so far away. But the benefit of it being near the end of Asia meant that because we had days in hand we could relax a bit and make […]

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Singapore…and the end of Asia

Friday 11 October,  Malacca to Batu Pahat. 99km.  We were fortunate to have a 24-hour cafe across the road from our accommodation in Malacca, so we could have a hot breakfast before getting on the road today.  Fuelled up with tasty egg paratha and tea …..   …we set off at 7am for what we […]

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A mini-break in Malacca

In the past we have written pieces for other long-distance cyclists about some of our routes, either into and out of cities or through some remote parts of the world. Some of our writing may help them decide which route to take…or not as the case may be. I’d like to say that we will […]

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The dizzying heights of Kuala Lumpur

Wed 2 Oct – Fri 4 Oct.  Kuala Lumpur. Three days off in capital city number 18 of our journey and for some reason we had both expected Kuala Lumpur to be quite similar to Bangkok.  But it’s nothing at all like it.  For a start it’s much much cheaper for both food and accommodation […]

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Exactly 18 Months and 27,000km

Friday 27 September 19 – Georgetown to Taiping – 87km There might be a romantic misconception that we get up in the morning, eat breakfast, pack our bags, get on our bikes and ride through beautiful weather along a picturesque, winding road for a few hours to our destination. This does happen on occasion, but […]

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